Eugene Solomatin

Head of Organization Committee of the Forum, Dean MBA-Telecom, MIRBIS Business School

We live at the time of a technological “paradigm shift”, the ubiquitous adoption of digital technologies, resulting in a “perfect storm” in the media world. In this challenging phase, only will survive those who invest in the ecosystem as a whole. The winners will be the market players who restructure and/or consolidate, who leverage fully the convergence of content and technology, and, via win-win business alliances and innovative business models, achieve critical mass and/or preserve market relevance.

We are already witnessing such a re-shaping world where our future will be totally connected.

FURUM LOCATION:  «Holiday Inn Moscow  Suschevsky»

Elena Yakovleva

The Forum “Connected Future: TV & Media transformation” is a “hub” for key global technologies, business trends and ideas. Participants will be able to discuss how to monetize innovations and partnerships, and how to leverage digital media. They will understand why Telcos may become Media companies and how best to overcome institutional and regulatory barriers and bridge Media & TV businesses. They will get unique insights into the Russian Media market and how to identify sustainable opportunities and trends. We do hope that all delegates can translate these unique networking opportunities and ideas from the forum into valuable business insights, resulting into new business strategies and renewed profits. We are all connected and this will undoubtedly help us all,together and individually, to be stronger, sharper and more agile.