AGENDA show full

9.00 - 9.30 Welcome Tea&Coffee

9.30-11.00. Plenary session. The wind of change. How digital platforms change the media industry and increase competition.

11.00-11.30. Networking Coffee break

11.30-13.00. Discussion panel. IS BIG VIDEO COMING? Scenarios for Russian media market. What formats, technologies and services can drive market growth and encourage consumers to pay.

13.00-14.00. Lunch

THEMATIC FLOW "CONTENT". 14.00-15.30. Time of millennials. How Russian content revive and how new ideas and formats win the market.

THEMATIC FLOW "DIGITAL SERVICES AND PLATFORMS". 14.00-15.30. Innovations in technology. How the infrastructure, services and platforms for the delivery and consumption of media content will change the market.

THEMATIC FLOW «Business». 14.00-15.30. Future TV Channels: production, programming, promotion

15.30-15.45. Networking Coffee break

THEMATIC FLOW «Business». 15.45-17.00. Success Stories/Master Classes

THEMATIC FLOW "CONTENT". 15.45-17.00. Unknown universe. VR / AR / eSports. How to acquire and retain tens of millions of new users.

THEMATIC FLOW "DIGITAL SERVICES AND PLATFORMS". 15.45-17.00. The future of Blockchain Technologies for the Media Industry. Mediacoin, ICO, transactions, advertising, Intellectual Property rights.

THEMATIC FLOW "CONTENT". 17.00-18.00. The second coming of OTT. Can OTT win the Russian market and when OTT players earn the first billion euros?

THEMATIC FLOW "DIGITAL SERVICES AND PLATFORMS". 17.00-18.00. New ideas to shape the video future. From business models and content, to technology and marketing partnerships.

THEMATIC FLOW «Business». 17.00-18.00. Discussion Panel. Integrated Media: monetization, advertising, measuring

18.00-19.00. Networking Cocktail